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I moved into this 1996 Ford E-150 Van in February of 2011. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in English Lit. Since then I have been working various retail jobs, the most recent being a 5 month stint at a corporate bookstore in downtown Seattle. After about 4 months of making a 1k a month and paying around 800 a month in rent + bills, I decided to make the move to the Van. I had a 24 hour fitness membership which I used for showering,brushing my teeth and other lavatorial needs (pooping). I parked the Van and slept in the commuter parking lot before I decided to quit my job and leave Seattle. After leaving Seattle I began to play online poker full time. Between March 1st and April 14th I made approximately 3,500 dollars playing online in various cafes and McDonald’s lobbies. However, on April 15th 2011 the FBI shut down online poker sites and declared that United States citizens would be disallowed from playing poker online. I have been living off of about 4k since early March 2011, and have traveled to 13 different states.

This is the inside of the van

The blue sheet thing is my bed. It folds over a storage cage that raises the bed about 2 feet off the floor of the van. The top right is the mattress that I roll out to sleep on. The blue tub is just for storage of random things. Below the bed I have several tubs that have my clothes and other necessities.

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